It is a lot of bother attempting to become an accredited training provider.  Is it worth it?

Being an accredited training provider offers you the opportunity to assist with the skills upliftment in South Africa by giving your learners the opportunity to study either full time or part time earning credits towards a qualification.

Being an accredited training provider gives you the advantage over the opposition in that the learner is assured that the quality of training offered is of a high standard and will lead to a qualification that is nationally and internationally recognised. It also gives the learners the assurance that regular audits and quality control is carried out with regards to training and the processes that are followed.

This will also remove the stigma that your company is a fly-by-night company as there are stringent requirements that need to be met, ensuring a safety net for the learners.

It is unethical and indeed, against the law, to offer training whilst conveying the impression that the training will result in a recognised qualification, if you are not accredited to provide that training by the appropriate SETA.

In addition to receiving quality controlled, effective training, there is an added bonus to those clients who pay Skills Development Levies (SDL).  They are entitled to claim a portion of the training cost from the government, which can save them a significant percentage of the training cost.  In this way, the government indirectly contributes to the upliftment of the workforce.

As an accredited training provider, you also gain opportunities to apply for grants and learnerships through the various SETAs.

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