Any stakeholder that wishes to use a SAQA Trademark must submit a written request giving details of how it proposes to use such. Such request must include a statement to the effect that the applicant agrees to be bound by the terms of the Policy on Usage of SAQA Trademarks by Stakeholders and review thereof in SAQA`s sole discretion and by any directive given by SAQA regarding how the Trademark is to be used. The applicant will also be bound by the provisions of the corporate style guides such as the SAQA Corporate Style Guide and NQF Corporate Identity Quick Guide, as amended. Permission to use a SAQA Trademark must be given by the SAQA Chief Executive Officer.


Please note that SAQA Trademarks may:
  • Only be produced from copies of the designer master drawing (in hard copy, electronic media or hologram) available from SAQA;
  • Only be reproduced in a solid, unbroken tone on a solid, unbroken background;
  • Be enlarged or reduced in size, provided that the relative proportions of each component of the design remain unchanged;
  • Be reproduced in the solid Black or Pantone 072 CVC against white background according to stipulations and proportions available from SAQA;
  • Be used in a central position for a symmetrical layout, or offset to one side for an asymmetrical layout;
  • Only be reproduced upright, never at a slant or in a horizontal position; and
  • Appear more than once in a layout (e.g they could be used in a series of paragraph headings) but may not be reproduced in more than one size on one page or panel.
SAQA Trademarks may not:
  • Be used in conjunction with any elements that could be interpreted as being part of the Trademark design;
  • Be encircled, or partly encircled, with lettering;
  • Be used as a substitute for the letter Q in SAQA, or as any letter in any other word; and
  • Be used to form a repeating pattern or border.

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