NC: ODETDP – Level 5 – 50334

NC: ODETDP – Level 5 – 50334

National Certificate:
SAQA 50334: Occupational Directed Educational Training and Development Practices

Further Educational Training Certificate: Occupational Directed Educational Training and Development Practices is an entry-level qualification, and the first in a series, which leads to levels 5 Diploma and 6 Qualifications for those who want to enter the field of Education, Training and Development (ETD). Learners of this qualification will have the opportunity to build on this qualification via the certificate or diploma in ODETD at level 5. This qualification makes it possible for practitioners to increase their employment prospects, and at the same time provide a means whereby organisations can appoint practitioners in line with proven competencies. Education, Training and Development is also a priority area within the South African context and is supported by legislation, national policies and strategies.

    • Certificate level: 5
    • Credits Earned: 151
    • Entry Requirements:

It is assumed that practitioners have expertise in the subject/occupation field in which they intend to provide education, training and development, at a level required to engage meaningfully in ETD within that field. It is also assumed that learners working towards this qualification hold a FETC or equivalent. Further learning assumptions are specified within the associated unit standards where required.

Skills and Knowledge Acquired by a Qualified ODETD Practitioner on NQF Level 5

An ODETD Practitioner on NQF level 5:

  • Design and develop learning interventions.
  • Facilitate learning.
  • Design and conduct assessments.
  • Facilitate skills development

Training is provided to individuals or to corporates. This qualification can be completed as following:

Class Attendance

    • This option is available to corporates for groups.

Distance Learning

    • This option is available to corporates and individuals.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

    • Qualifying learners may be able to complete the qualification as RPL.


    • Qualifications can be presented for corporates as learnerships.


    • Support is available to learners via Skype, email, phone or setting up an appointment to meet with one of our facilitators for guidance.

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NC: ODETDP – Level 5 – 50334

Detailed Information

Module 1: Outcomes Based Education (OBE)

  • 263976 – Demonstrate understanding of the outcomes-based education and training approach within the context of a National Qualifications Framework

Module 2: Communication

  • 115789 – Sustain oral interaction across a wide range of contexts and critically evaluate spoken texts
  • 115790 – Write and present for a wide range of purposes, audiences and contexts

Module 3: Facilitator

  • 117871 – Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies

Module 4: Assessor

  • 115753 – Conduct outcomes-based assessment

Module 5: Moderator

  • 115759 – Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments

Module 6: Learner Support

  • 117865 – Assist and support learners to manage their learning experiences
  • 117874 – Guide learners about their learning, assessment and recognition opportunities
  • 123396 – Define target audience profiles and skills gaps

Module 7: Design and Develop Learning Material

  • 123397 – Evaluate a learning intervention using given evaluation instruments
  • 123401 – Design outcomes-based learning programmes
  • 123394 – Develop outcomes-based learning programmes
  • 115755 – Design and develop outcomes-based assessments

Module 8: Skills Development Facilitator

  • 15217 – Develop an organisational training and development plan management system for skills development practices in an organisation
  • 15218 – Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning for skills development and other purposes
  • 15221 – Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues
  • 15227 – Conduct skills development administration in an organisation
  • 15228 – Advise on the establishment and implementation of a quality management system for skills development practices in an organisation
  • 15232 – Coordinate planned skills development interventions in an organisation
  • 252041 – Promote a learning culture in an organisation
NC: ODETDP – Level 5 – 50334

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