National Diploma: ECD – Level 5

National Diploma: ECD – Level 5

National Diploma:
Early Childhood Development

  • National Diploma level: 5
  • Credits Earned: Min 240
  • Duration: 2 Years
  • Entry Requirements
    the ability to read, write and use written resource material for learning and teaching in at least two South African languages;
    the ability to understand fundamental mathematical/numeracy concepts;
    the applied competence outlined in the core unit standards at Level 4:

      Facilitate Healthy Development in ECD Programmes, and
      Facilitate Active Learning in ECD Programmes,
      Manage the ECD Learning Programme.

The purpose of the qualification is to:

1. Provide access to a recognised educator qualification at Level 6 for ECD educators who have a Level 4 or Level 5 certificate in ECD, providing a bridge between non-formal and formal learning programmes.
2. To enable educators/ learners to plan and implement a learning programme which is based on their knowledge of child development from birth to nine years and which helps children in a specific phase work towards achieving the learning outcomes of the national school curriculum (where appropriate).
3. To improve community-based ECD services for young children by raising the level of ECD teaching competence and/or by providing opportunities for training in support and leadership roles.

This qualification provides a substantial qualification for:

  • Potential learners/educators who have acquired an FETC (Grade 12) or equivalent qualification at Level 4 (120 credits) and who wish to make ECD their full-time career (entry point);
  • Learners/educators who have a Level 4 qualification in ECD to further their career and professional development in ECD by providing access to a Level 6 qualification;
  • Learners/educators who have a Higher Certificate in ECD to further their career and professional development in ECD by providing access to a Level 6 qualification. 

Are Exams written: 

  • A Portfolio of evidence will be required to be completed
  • Once you are competent in all the portfolios you would be required to write final integrated summative assessment as per the ETDP SETA requirements.

Recognition of Prior Learning:

The qualification can be achieved as a whole or in part through the recognition of prior learning. Learners who have completed the Certificate at Level 5 should be able to participate in a learning programme(s) that provides the 120 credits not included in the Certificate, i.e. the Fundamental learning components and additional Electives. The Diploma is also intended to provide direct access to the Degree at Level 6.

ENJO 64650 ECD L5 NDip Brochure v 1

National Diploma: ECD – Level 5

Detailed Information

Module 1: Communicate Effectively

  • 8647  –  Apply workplace communication skills
  • 14582  –  Develop and apply academic literacy skills

Module 2:  Mediate Active Learning in ECD programmes

  • 13853  –  Mediate active learning in ECD programmes

Module 3:  Facilitate Learning and Development

  • 10289  – Facilitate a programme of learning 
  • 13856 – Facilitate an inclusive educational environment in ECD settings
  • 10294 – Identify and respond to learners with special needs and barriers to learning 

Module 4:  Promote Healthy Development in ECD Programmes

  • 13854  – Promote healthy development in ECD programmes n

Module 5:  Develop and Manage the ECD Learning Programme

  • 13855    Develop and manage the ECD learning programme

Module 6:  Plan and Implement Learning Activities and Materials

  • 114476  – Use multi-media to facilitate and mediate learning
  • 10290  – Evaluate, select and adapt published learning materials and develop, use and evaluate own supplementary learning aids

Module 7:  Numeracy, Literacy & Life Skills in Grade R

  • 244256 – Facilitate a Numeracy Learning Programme in the Reception Year
  • 244257 – Facilitate a Literacy Learning Programme in the Reception Year
  • 244260 – Facilitate a Life Skills Learning Programme in the Reception Year

Module 8:  Methods for Assessing and Reporting

  • 115753  – Conduct outcomes-based assessment
  • 117874 – Guide learners about their learning, assessment and recognition opportunities

Module 9:  Manage an Early Childhood Development Service

  • 244478 – Manage an Early Childhood Development Service
National Diploma: ECD – Level 5

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