Higher Certificate: ECD – Level 5

Higher Certificate: ECD – Level 5

Higher Certificate:
Early Childhood Development

  • Certificate level: 5
  • Credits Earned: min 120
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Entry Requirements
    learners need the following knowledge and skills equivalent to NQF Level 4:

      • the ability to read, write and use written resource material for learning and teaching in at least two South African languages (English plus one other);
      • the ability to understand fundamental mathematical/numeracy concepts;

    the applied competence outlined in the core unit standards at Level 4:

    • Facilitate Active Learning in ECD Programmes,
    • Facilitate Healthy Development in ECD Programmes, and
    • Manage the ECD Learning Programme

The Purpose of this qualification

The Higher Certificate is designed to provide access to higher education for many experienced and skilled ECD practitioners and trainers who do not have recognised qualifications. The purpose of this qualification is to:

1. Develop ECD ETD practitioners (e.g. home-based, centre- and school-based practitioners including Grade R, family and community ECD motivators, fieldworkers, facilitators, trainers and managers) to provide appropriate education, training and development services in the ECD sub-field.

2. Enable ECD ETD practitioners to use their knowledge of child growth and development from birth to nine years and relevant national policies to guide their professional practice in the ECD sub-field.

This qualification provides an opportunity for:

  • practitioners with a Level 4 certificate or equivalent in ECD to further their professional development in ECD by providing access to higher education and training qualifications and/or to specialise in aspects of ECD practice (e.g. Grade R) or specific roles (e.g. managers, trainers etc.).
  • practitioners with a Primary Teachers Certificate (PTC), Primary Teachers Diploma (PTD), or an equivalent of 120 credits to obtain an ECD certificate, either in the preschool phase and/or specialising in reception year teaching.

Are Exams written: 

  • A Portfolio of evidence will be required to be completed
  • Once you are competent in all the portfolios you would be required to write final integrated summative assessment as per the ETDP SETA requirements.

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Higher Certificate: ECD – Level 5

Detailed Information

Module 1: Communicate Effectively

  • 13295 – Present information in a public setting
  • 8647 – Apply workplace communication skills

Module 2: Mediate Active Learning in ECD Programmes

  • 13853 – Mediate Active Learning in ECD Programme

Module 3: Facilitate Learning and Development of Children with Barriers to Learning and Special Needs

  • 10289 – Facilitate a programme of learning
  • 114475 – Use multi-media to facilitate and mediate learning

Module 4: Promote Healthy Development in ECD Programmes

  • 13854 – Promote healthy development in ECD programmes

Module 5: Develop and Manage the ECD Learning Programme

  • 13855 – Develop and manage the ECD learning programme

Module 6 : Manage an Early Childhood Development Service

  • 244478 – Manage an Early Childhood Development Service

Module 7: Numeracy; Literacy & Life Skills in Grade R

  • 244256 – Facilitate a Numeracy Learning Programme in the Reception Year
  • 244257 – Facilitate a Literacy Learning Programme in the Reception Year
  • 244260 – Facilitate a Life Skills Learning Programme in the Reception Year
Higher Certificate: ECD – Level 5

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