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Coaching and Mentoring Training Programme

Coaching and Mentoring Training Programme

Coaching and Mentoring Training Programme

Unit Standards:

  • SAQA Unit Standard 117877 – Perform one-to-one training on the job. NQF Level 3, 4 Credits
  • SAQA Unit Standard 114215 – Mentor a colleague to enhance the individual`s knowledge, skills, values and attitudes in a selected career path. NQF Level 4, 3 Credits
  • NQF Levels: 3/4, 7 credits
    Duration: 2 days theory and 1 month to complete your PoE
    Entry Requirements

  • There is open access to this Unit Standard. Learners should be competent in Communication,
  • Mathematical and Financial Literacy at Level 3.
  • The credit calculation is based on the assumption that learners are already competent in terms of the learning area in which they will provide training.
  • Accreditation: Education, Training and Development Practices Sector (ETDP SETA)


    Detailed Information

    What is in it for me?
    • Gains a formal qualification in Coaching and Mentoring.
    • Credits towards a full qualification.
    • Improves employability.
    • Allows the individual to share knowledge and experience.
    • Change in career focus.
    • SETA Accredited Training Programme.
    • Allows the individual to register as a coach and mentor with COMENSA.
    What is in it for the company?
    • Have a registered/qualified Coaches and Mentors.
    • Address skills gaps.
    • Improve productivity.
    • Limit time away from work due to employees having to go for training.
    • Ensure that employees are ready for assessment.
    • Assist in career development plans.
    • Improved BEE scorecard.
    • Employers who are registered to claim skills levies will be able to claim skills levies when sending their staff on this training programme.
    • Assist in advising employees of learning opportunities.
    Who should attend the training?
    • Those wishing to attend a SETA accredited training programme on coaching and mentoring.
    • Staff wishing to gain the qualification for Coaching and Mentoring.
    • Employees wishing to work/function as Coaches and Mentors.
    • Facilitators.
    • Trainers.
    • Assessors.
    • Human Resource Managers.
    • Managers.
    • Supervisors.
    • People who have been tasked with inducting, coaching or mentoring new entrants into the workplace.
    What do Coaches and Mentors do?
    A coach:
    • Performs one-on-one training in the workplace.
    • Assists learners/interns/employees with the acquisition of practical skills in the workplace.
    • Ensures that learners/interns/employees are ready for assessment.
    A mentor:
    • Guides and supports a newly appointed employee or learner in the workplace.
    • Guides employees on their career path within a company.
    What qualification does this programme link to?

    This ETDP SETA accredited training programme is linked to the following programmes:

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