The SAQA Board de-recognised the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA) and de-registered its three professional designations on the NQF, namely:

Interactive and Direct Marketing Practitioner; Interactive and Direct Marketing Professional; and Master of Interactive and Direct Marketing.

DMASA’s de-recognition was necessitated by its failure to comply with SAQA’s recognition requirements. SAQA recognises a professional body if it:

  1. Complies with, and adheres to, good corporate governance practices;
  2. Protects the public interest in relation to services provided by its members;
  3. Promotes professional development of its members to meet their relevant designation requirements;
  4. Has a code of conduct for its members to adhere to; and e) Does not apply unfair exclusionary practices in terms of membership admission.

Once a professional body has been recognised, SAQA monitors continuous adherence to ensure that the public is protected. In this case, DMASA could not meet SAQA’s requirements, which means that the public may choose to associate with DMASA knowing that it is no longer a SAQA-recognised professional body. A list of all SAQA recognised professional bodies and their registered professional designations is available here.

Even Professional Bodies are being monitored, and if they don’t comply with requirements, they are de-registered, and no more recognised. The list of de-registered and non-recognised professional bodies are seen on the SAQA website. Compliance and meeting requirements are becoming very serious, and we must take note of this.

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