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Covid 19 and the lockdowns have affected every single individual and company globally. We have all had to make changes, changes to how we do business and changes to how we live our daily lives. These changes have become known as the New Normal.

Companies have had to restructure – some have lost employees and some have managed to retain their staff members. Whatever the New Normal means to your company, new challenges, economic changes, a time to reflect on what the future holds.

The New Normal has shown us that things would never be the same again. If we want to survive we would have to go with the flow and bring about the changes needed for us to survive. In many instances we have realised that we have a gap in our performance and that gap could only be filled by ensuring our staff are ready to face the uncertain future.  In some cases this gap can only be filled by developing the skills in our company to make sure those who remain have the necessary skills and knowledge to cope with the new demands of a virtual world.

ENJO Consultants believe that we can help fill the training gap you might experience at present. You might find that you need to upskill some of your current staff to take on more or new responsibilities in their job. Why not consider training some of your staff as coaches and mentors in the workplace?

If on the other hand you might already be involved in training and upskilling your workforce, perhaps you should consider sending your skills development and training staff for training as facilitators, assessors or moderators?

You may just have spent a fortune on a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) to complete your WSP and ATR whereas you could have a qualified SDF on your staff. Your current SDF whether he/she was a permanent staff member or a consultant may have indicated that you should get involved in learnerships and gain tax incentives in the new financial year.

It all sounds great, but where does one start  in such an unsure and insecure environment?

Start with ENJO Consultants. Talk to us, we might just be that one-stop training provider that could address your training needs in Training and Development, Human Resources Training, IT training or even Early Childhood Development training. There is nothing that stops you from considering opening an ECD centre at your company to alleviate the stress of your employees to get their little ones started on an early learning path.

ENJO Consultants have survived the test of time and we come highly recommended by various SETAs and corporate clients, why not look at our brochure, talk to us and we could customise a training programme for your staff.

Contact us now and we can discuss your individual training needs and find a package that would suit you. Our training can take place at our premises, yours, through distance learning and even on the virtual platform.

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